CDTI seeks to create awareness and help companies appreciate the benefits of smart technologies and capabilities among the different industrial sectors. This will be achieved through the showcase and demonstrations of the applications and solutions across different industry verticals and horizontals including: augmented and virtual reality, cobots, system integration, industrial Internet of Things (IoT), simulations, cloud computing, and additive manufacturing.

The facility will house equipment such as the MPS® System 203 i4.0, which is a simulation model for an industry production line that offers an easy and lightweight approach to complex topics in Industrie 4.0. Another state of the art equipment that will be housed in the facility is the universal Industrie 4.0 model training factory known as the Cyber Physical (CP) Factory. It is a comprehensive, modular and expandable factory module that offers companies the opportunity to simulate assembly line productions.

The CP factory can help explore areas of production like lean production, logistics and quality assurance so that an optimal value chain can be realised. Softwares such as the CIROS studio, Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal, and Siemens Digital Twin will also be available.

Companies can look forward to the potential of building their capabilities, experience real-life demonstration, and receive professional advice in a test bed environment for their pilot work which can be subsequently scaled up and executed.


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