Course Description

Digital Twin enables you to visualise the asset, track changes, understand and optimise asset performance throughout the lifecycle of the product, predictive maintenance, and data-driven root-cause analysis resulting in improved efficiency.

This course aims to cover Digital Twin concepts that includes the virtual commissioning and optimisation of a factory layout, ergonomics, and validation of manufacturing concepts.

Participants will have the opportunity to design and develop digital twins to verify and optimise manufacturing processes and factory layouts in a 3D environment.

Course Duration: 24 hours

Course Outcomes

Participants are able to:

  • Understand the concepts of digital twin in the manufacturing industry and its application to product lifecycle management
    • Virtual commissioning
    • Optimisation
    • Digital thread, etc
  • Understand future research trends and applications of digital twin-based systems
    • Data analytics
    • Cyber-security with digital twin

Course Contents

  • Virtual design and commissioning of a factory layout 3D design
    • Validation
    • Visualisation
    • Material flow logistics
    • Bottleneck analysis
    • Simulation driven planning and scheduling
    • Throughput analysis etc
  • Design and verification of a manufacturing process in a 3D environment
    • Kinematic design and validation
    • Geometry validation and process-cell automation
    • Human modelling and ergonomics

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