Course Description

In this course, it provides the exploration of the profound positive impact of digitalisation on the way manufacturing competes, improves efficiency, and boosting the speed of time-to-market for products and services.

Participants will learn the holistic view of digital transformation process and the concrete steps to be taken – a step-by-step approach that gives the essential understanding for a successful adoption of Industry 4.0 concept towards business transformation.

Course Duration: 8 hours

Course Outcomes

Participants are able to:

  • Understand the digital transformation process in the practical way
  • Understand the benefits of digitalisation for manufacturing productivity and efficiency
  • Embrace the combined benefits of IT and OT for smart manufacturing practices
  • Understand the importance of vertical and horizontal integration for an immersive business process flow
  • Differentiate the various stages of digitalisation process
  • Identify essential manual manufacturing processes to be digitalised
  • Understand how real-time production data is used at higher organisational levels when making decisions
  • Understand how to retrofit sensors for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring

Course Contents

  • Overall digitalisation strategy for business resilience and sustainability in manufacturing
  • Digitalisation process with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in the practical way
  • Conversion from an automated production line to data-driven automated production line
  • The concept of IT and OT convergence
  • Vertical and Horizontal Integration
  • Utilising digital technology for visibility on machine and business operation
  • Use of production data between systems for lower production cost and reduced wastages
  • Data-driven business insights

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